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Shakespearean Detectives

By: Ashley, Mike

Price: $4.96

Publisher: Carroll & Graf: 1998

Seller ID: Z0786705965Z3

ISBN: 0786705965


Condition: Good

Disowning Knowledge 2ed

By: Cavell

Price: $20.53

Publisher: Cambridge University Press: 2003

Seller ID: Z0521529204Z1

ISBN: 0521529204


Condition: Fine

All of Shakespeare

By: Charney, Maurice

Price: $5.15

Publisher: Columbia University Press: 1993

Seller ID: Z0231068638Z2

ISBN: 0231068638


Condition: Very Good

A Theatergoer's Guide to Shakespeare

By: Fallon, Robert Thomas

Price: $4.87

Publisher: Ivan R. Dee:

Seller ID: Z156663508XZ2

ISBN: 156663508X


Condition: Very Good

The Book Known As Q: A Consideration of Shakespeare's Sonnets

By: Giroux, Robert

Price: $5.07

Publisher: Random House Inc: 1983

Seller ID: Z0394717287Z3

ISBN: 0394717287


Condition: Good

Introducing Shakespeare

By: Groom, Nick

Price: $5.99

Publisher: Totem Books: 2001

Seller ID: Z1840462620Z1

ISBN: 1840462620


Condition: Fine

Image for William Shakespeare: The Man Behind the Genius

William Shakespeare: The Man Behind the Genius

By: Holden, Anthony

Price: $9.50

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company:

Seller ID: Z0316518492ZN

ISBN: 0316518492

Condition: New

Lessons on Living from Shakespeare

By: Macrone, Michael

Price: $16.02

Publisher: Crown: 1996

Seller ID: Z0517703416ZN

ISBN: 0517703416

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New

Image for Naughty Shakespeare

Naughty Shakespeare

By: Michael Macrone

Price: $10.45

Publisher: Andrews & McMeel:

Seller ID: Z0836227573ZN

ISBN: 0836227573

Condition: New

Who's Who & What's What in Shakespeare

By: O'Connor, Evangeline M.

Price: $4.15

Publisher: Gramercy: 1997

Seller ID: Z0517259230Z2

ISBN: 0517259230

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

The mysterious William Shakespeare: The myth and the reality

By: Ogburn, Charlton

Price: $7.51

Publisher: Dodd, Mead: 1984

Seller ID: Z0396084419Z4

ISBN: 0396084419

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fair

Such Is My Love: A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets

By: Pequigney, Joseph

Price: $8.89

Publisher: University Of Chicago Press: 1996

Seller ID: Z0226655644Z2

ISBN: 0226655644


Condition: Very Good

Shakespeare: Love Sonnets (Illustrated Poetry Anthology)

By: Rh Value Publishing

Price: $19.25

Publisher: Gramercy: 1999

Seller ID: Z0517161079ZN

ISBN: 0517161079

Condition: New

Image for The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare

By: Rozakis, Laurie E.

Price: $18.72

Publisher: Alpha: 1999

Seller ID: Z0028629051ZN

ISBN: 0028629051

Condition: New

Shakespeare's Sonnets

By: Shakespeare, William

Price: $5.03

Publisher: Oxford University Press: 1986

Seller ID: Z0198129467ZN

ISBN: 0198129467

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New

The Sonnets: Poems of Love

By: Shakespeare, William

Price: $4.49

Publisher: St. Martin's Press: 1980

Seller ID: Z0312744994Z1

ISBN: 0312744994

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fine

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works (The Oxford Shakespeare)

By: Shakespeare, William

Price: $5.19

Publisher: Oxford University Press: 1988

Seller ID: Z0198117477Z3

ISBN: 0198117477

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Shakespeare for Beginners (Writers and Readers Beginners Documentary Comic Book)

By: Toropov, Brandon; Lee, Joe

Price: $10.87

Publisher: Writers & Readers: 1997

Seller ID: Z0863162282ZN

ISBN: 0863162282


Condition: New